Saturday, January 19, 2008

Breaking the Silence

It's been ages since I've blogged, so I thought I'd post an update. The months since graduation certainly have been exciting. Here's a little re-cap of all that's gone on:

Dallas, TX: My sister and I visited Dallas, Texas for some cowboy fun! We got to fly in a small cessna plane piloted by non other than my awesome Aunt Cathy! (Of course, we opted for a major airline to take us between New Jersey and Texas.)
Denver, CO: My cousin's wedding took my family across the country and into the mountains of Estes, Park. I was bit by a duck during a hike in the Rocky Mountains, but the trek was still worth it.
Virginia & North Carolina: I visited the Eastern Shore of Virginia to shoot potato guns and to enjoy some boating. While I was down there, I took a few short trips to Moyock, NC to visit what is now my permanent residence (and to eat some raw fish with the hippest aunt and uncle around).
EUROPE: The biggest trip I've taken since my last trip to Europe. This one I did on my own (but with a tour group.) It was an indescribable trip through Italy, France, and Spain. Rome, Florence, Pisa, Nice, Monaco, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Barcelona, and Madrid, just to name a few! I'm already ready for another European adventure!
The Move & The Job
The biggest change since graduation is my move down south and my new job! I now live in Moyock, NC and work just about 25 minutes away in wonderful Chesapeake, VA. I'm Communications Specialist for the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast. So far it's been an amazing job. I work with the kindest people and I always feel busy. I get to do a lot of writing--mostly in the form of press releases, but I love having the practice. I'm meeting a lot of people in the Hampton Roads area, including many media professionals. I've appeared on WAVY TV 10 and Channel 48, along with some local radio stations, to promote Girl Scout Cookies. I've also had my hand in marketing and advertising. So really, I am getting so much experience from this one job!
That's the update. Hopefully the posts will become more frequent so they won't have to be so long. Any WC broadcasters who happen to read this, I want updates on you as well!
Till next time, ya'll!


Mike Wolenski said...

How many time do I have to tell you that North Carolina doesn't count as "The South". I'm still waiting for my free Girl Scout cookies.

B. Wolf said...

Liz we're all so proud of you "up North" here. I can't believe you are the spokes person for Girl Scouts! I must have been an AMAZING Girl Scout leader! I hope you get the broadcasting job of your dreams. I voted for you over 2000 times for the New Face of FOX (1000 votes in one day- I was on a mission!)I hope the contest gets you some professional exposure. Best of luck-Health and Happiness!

Yankee Proud-
Barbara Wolf